Bailey's bold journey as an entrepreneur

Imagine being 18 with the security of a job that comfortably covers your living expenses in just two days a week. The rest of your time? It’s entirely yours to sculpt the future. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario; it’s the reality for Bailey.

Almost two years ago, before Inspire 2 Ignite CIC was fully realised, we saw potential in two young individuals, Bailey and his younger brother. Both had already dabbled in side hustles while still at school. We pledged our support, eager to guide them towards the future they envisioned. This commitment marked the beginning of our inaugural cohort.

Alternative path

Fast forward to today, and Bailey stands on the precipice of the next step in his story. After excelling in his A levels, he’s decided to take a different, less traditional path and dive headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship.

At last week’s Curious About Cambridge event, Bailey announced his new venture; GrantFinder.AI, a tech system designed specifically to solve problems for charities and not-for-profits; from finding grants, matching projects and actual grant writing, this clever application will change the face of grants and funding.


Bailey’s story serves as a testament to alternative routes to success. He juggled school, a part-time job, and even managed to sell nearly 4,000 products on Etsy. To dive deeper into his inspiring journey, be sure to tune into our podcast episode featuring Bailey himself.

Hear from Alex

“Bailey embodies the essence of a true entrepreneur. He possesses the mindset, the network, and the skills to make his mark. One moment that particularly stands out is when we penned a physical letter to his school explaining his decision to skip university. Oddly enough, when students don't meet grade expectations, schools rarely follow up on their post-education pursuits.”

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