Bidwells' ULTIMATE work experience

“I feel like Elon Musk“… just one of the comments from the young people at the ULTIMATE work experience at Bidwells this week.

As part of our partnership with the leading property consultancy firm, Inspire 2 Ignite have worked collaboratively with Bidwells’ talent team to offer a unique and incredible opportunity for young people to embed themselves in the company this summer.

Curious About Work Experience

The 5-day programme reimagined the traditional ‘work experience’ for young people experiencing or at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) to design their very own town and gain hands-on experience in every aspect of Bidwells’ operations and departments. 

The 16-24 year old participants have experienced a fully supported, transformational deep dive into the organisation’s culture with Ignite Champions; Georgia Murphy and Gemma Pluck at the helm.

2023 sponsorship

Bidwells are proud Inspire 2 Ignite CIC sponsors, and with that enjoy brand alignment, access to talent pools through our experiences and events, along with their own ‘Curious About Work Experience’ programme.

It's made me feel really grateful for what we're able to do for the young people. Not many other businesses would do that; to broaden their horizons and give them something to aim towards.

Bidwells’ Ignite Champions, Gemma Pluck and Georgia Murphy speak about the impact of their work experience week

Meeting of minds at the kick-start meeting earlier this year

Referring young talent

As part of this sponsorship, Inspire 2 Ignite CIC will be organically referring young people to Bidwells all year round.

This partnership is providing young people with an opportunity to explore their characteristics and build their knowledge in a real-life working environment, develop their confidence, and prepare them for a successful journey into the wider world.

The partnership with Bidwells is enabling Inspire 2 Ignite to continue to deliver on our mission to empower young people and help bridge the skills gap in the industry, in particular through our ongoing work Curious About Construction.

Stories from the week


“How did your pitch go?”
“Pretty smashing I would say”.

As a care-experienced young person, Michael is currently living in sheltered accommodation. He was inspired to join Inspire 2 Ignite’s Curious Entrepreneurs after meeting Alex and Sam at an outreach meeting at his supported living life-house. Coming to Bidwells was a massive deal for Michael, as he struggles with confidence and feeling out of his depth.

The joker of the pack, Michael had the team in stitches with his humour and bright outlook. It was incredible to see him come out of his shell in the safe environment so expertly created by the Bidwells team.

We are all so proud of him – just look at Sam Squire‘s smile of pride!

The Boxing crew

Twins, Cameron and Lewis share a mutual passion for boxing. Along with their best friend Navid, they connected with Inspire 2 Ignite CIC through their boxing instructor; our new Curious Engager, Lewis Kahraman.

These three young people jumped at the chance to spend a week of their summer holiday at Bidwells‘ ULTIMATE Work Experience. It also sounds like Bidwells learned from them during this programme too!

What impresses you most about them in this short film? Is it their passion? Their energy? Or something else? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll pass it on to the young people.

The week in pictures

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