Do you have gaps in your employment for under 25s?

Our society has over-reliance to traditional schooling and DWP to inspire and get people into work.

Entrpreneurial experiences and events that activate under 25-year-olds and get them ‘into’ industry.

We are a CIC; offering a community solution to a community problem.

The Inspire Champions have an endless pool of curious, confident, mentally healthy, ambiguous, hungry talent.

Our Three Year Vision

Year 1 Target

  • 10,000 young people inspired
  • 100 ‘Ignited’
  • 900 referred/connected*

Year 2 Target

  • 30,000 inspired
  • 300 ‘Ignited’
  • 2,700 referred/connected​*

Year 3 Target

  • 100,000 inspired
  • 750 ‘Ignited’
  • 8,750 referred/connected​*

* this is in relation to young people we connect to industries/employers who value entrepreneurial thinking

Meet the Inspire2Ignite Team

Alex Hughes, Founder

Becoming a father at the tender age of 14, Alex was often told he wouldn’t amount to much. This early introduction to responsibility planted the seeds for his deep-rooted commitment to social change and youth empowerment. Under his leadership Inspire 2 Ignite has become a beacon of positive transformation, providing a nurturing environment where young people can learn, innovate, and thrive. Alex’s visionary leadership has not only transformed countless lives but also revitalised community interactions, thereby making a lasting impact on the area’s socio-economic landscape. Through his work, Alex continues to demonstrate that with the right guidance and opportunities, every young person can overcome their challenges and contribute positively to society

Hi, I’m Sally, a Business Development whizz building new partnerships, exploring opportunities and helping our CIC grow.​

I am passionate about supporting our community and am a Community First Responder for The East of England Ambulance Service and a volunteer Business Development Advisor for Home-Start Essex.​

I spend a lot of time talking with business leaders who are keen to engage and make a difference but who are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to contribute effectively and unlock the talent around them. I gain enormous satisfaction by introducing them to our team, our Curious Entrepreneurs and like-minded businesses in the region. ​

I have been fortunate in my career to support a range of projects that deliver meaningful social impact, but never one that has inspired and given me hope at this level.​

Excited? If you would like to chat more about how you, too, can help to amplify this social impact, please get in touch.​

Sam Squire, CEO

Formerly aspiring to be a professional footballer, Sam’s career took an unexpected turn when, at 19 years old, he did not receive a contract renewal from Cambridge United. Finding himself NEET after 11 years of dedicating his life to sport, Sam began working with the Cambridge United Community Trust as the Youth Development Officer, where he developed and delivered various programmes to support youth in the most deprived areas of Cambridge. In the last 5 years, he has engaged with 10,000+ young people aged 6-24 in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Milton Keynes. Today, at just 23 years old, Sam uses his personal experience and professional coaching skills to drive significant change and provide strategic direction for our initiatives as our CEO.