Inspire 2 Ignite CIC Empowers Youth With Transformative Next Step Event

Inspire 2 Ignite, in a compelling demonstration of community engagement and youth empowerment, hosted the Next Step Event on Saturday 6th April at the Citizen Hub, St Neots, aiming to boost the confidence and skills of young individuals aged 12 to 24. The event, which also welcomed parents and carers to participate, unfolded a series of interactive workshops, inspirational talks, and opportunities for young people to forge new friendships and acquire future-ready skills. 

Attendees were treated to a variety of interactive activities aimed at personal growth and skill development. The day kicked off with engaging options such as Curious Jenga, mindful colouring and crafts, and DJ lessons, seamlessly blending fun with learning opportunities. An ice-breaking challenge titled “Bridging the Gap” encouraged teamwork and communication, offering prizes and setting a positive tone for the day.

The event was further enriched by inspirational talks from local entrepreneurs Bailey Readings and Ryan Watson. Their personal stories of overcoming challenges and building resilience resonated deeply with participants, highlighting the value of perseverance and self-belief. An interactive workshop, “How to be confident when meeting new people,” led by community manager Alex Richards and CEO Sam Squire, provided practical advice and strategies for developing confidence in social settings.

A standout story from the day involved two young girls who experienced a transformation through their engagement with the arts and crafts section. Initially reserved, they opened up about their aspirations to start a beauty and tattoo parlour. Their journey underscores the event’s role in uncovering and supporting the dreams of our youth, with plans to connect them with a local tattoo parlour for mentorship.

Rising star DJ Riley, a 13-year-old talent discovered at a local youth club, provided the musical backdrop for the event, showcasing the potential and talent within our communities. The day concluded with attendees enjoying a relaxed eat and chill-out session, further cementing the friendships and connections made throughout the event.

Feedback from parents, carers and young attendees alike underscored the impact of the Next Step Event:

  • “I couldn’t believe how independent my young person was. I usually don’t see them like this in public settings” shared a parent.
  • “I had a good time and I felt included and would love to go again” reflected a young attendee, highlighting the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the event.

"This event marks a significant step forward in community engagement for young people in the UK. It's a testament to the power of providing a safe space for young individuals to express themselves, discover their potential, and connect with opportunities."

Sam Squire- CEO, Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

Special thanks are extended to community leaders Carly Harvey, Mennel Welch, Karen Mathie, and Angela Holie, whose dedication was instrumental in the success of this transformative day. Their efforts in spreading the word and facilitating access contributed significantly to the positive outcomes experienced by all involved. Also a huge thank you to the Citizen Hub, St Neots, for providing a welcoming, safe, and engaging space that was instrumental to the event’s success.

The overwhelming response and positive feedback have laid the groundwork for future events, with plans underway to host more community sessions that promise growth, learning, and community building.

For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved, visit www.inspire2ignite.co.uk or contact the team at Team@inspire2ignite.co.uk

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