Kelly Cartwright

“We have a duty to inspire the younger generation, to encourage them to not conform to the stereotypes and follow their dreams, use their skill sets and become the best version of themselves.”

Kelly Cartwright is founder and owner of Core Recruiter Ltd and is in the top 100 most influential women in construction 2022. 

Passionate about her industry and activating talent into construction, Kelly takes a no bullsh*t approach to business, wanting to inspire others and change the face of the future. 

Core Recruitment are a construction specialist recruitment agency. Their motto is “Core to us. Core to you.” Owner, Kelly Cartwright, is an empowering and inspirational business woman. She leads the team from the front, setting the standards of the business, living and breathing the ethos and inspiring her team to go the extra mile. The Core team has over 20 years combined construction recruitment knowledge under their belts, this coupled up with resilience, determination and ambition to provide an unmatched service to candidates and customers alike the core values of the business are strong, driving Core to have year on year growth.