Lee Candler

“I’m more than energised from becoming an Inspire 2 Ignite Champion. I’m looking forward to working with Alex and his team to apply built sector skills to develop a network that can give this amazing program that dedicated home it deserves across the UK.

I’m really excited about the prospect of 10,000 young people getting access to learning the mentality and skillsets that being an entrepreneur demands.  Whether it’s developing their confidence, learning to put themselves out there, finding that one passion or the technical aspects of running a business, they’re all transferable skill sets that can either release them on their business journey or allow them to contribute more effectively within someone else’s.

But more importantly for me, it allows them to build a better picture of themselves and what they want out of their lives and to be happy.

But put quite simply, I would’ve LOVED to have access to this program when I was young, rather than having to bootstrap, battle and often feel isolated when launching previous businesses. Ultimately, I’m looking forward to helping the next generation of leaders bake in a regenerative, sustainable ethos at the outset of their journey.

Build the army and join them in the fight to save their planet.”

As founder and CEO of Carbon Coyote, Lee Candler is a passionate advocate for purposeful action towards tackling the climate emergency. After becoming a father and realising his daughter’s future prospects and opportunities would be dramatically impacted by the climate emergency, he decided to do something about it.

As a serial entrepreneur and trained physicist he decided to apply his drive, technical ability and entrepreneurial skills towards doing his part in saving the planet. Picking a problem he was both passionate about and had experience in, retrained as an Architectural Technologist with the aim of launching Carbon Coyote; a disruptive Architectural Practice aiming to move the new build housing sector towards Net Zero Carbon as quickly as possible. 

A firm believer in regenerative design principles, his design ethos incorporates boosting nature, biodiversity and creating community cohesion through better place making. Along with a practical belief that citizens deserve higher quality homes, providing a better value proposition than are currently available; along with the sense that they are contributing to safeguarding the planet for future generations.