Drug dealing and entrepreneurship – could you spot the difference?

Hold onto your hats, because today we’re exploring the link between the two. We’re diving headfirst into uncharted territory, asking curious questions that might just spark another source of great entrepreneurs.

Could you consider a prison cell, not as a dead end, but as a crossroads of possibilities? Today, our journey of discovery starts at HMP Peterborough, thanks to a connection made by Michael Moriarty from Mick George.

Transferable skills

We’ll be talking “skills of the trade”, characteristics which you might associate with dealers and hustlers. Think high-stakes deals, taking risks, marketing of the ‘product’, high energy sales, resilience, boldness…

Yes, we’re upstream, trying to give young people a legitimate route to success, but for those who are already in the prison system, what if we helped them move their creativity and bravery to more profitable and less risky outcomes?

HMP Peterborough Managing Chaplain, Edmond Fowowe spoke to Lynnette at our launch event about his vital role at the prison.

We’re asking Curious Questions

  • What if these transferable characteristics and skills could be channelled into a force for good? What truly separates a young hustler from a young entrepreneur?
  • How can we harness this power and help ex-offenders be rehabilitated through entrepreneurship?


Today, we’re not having a hypothetical coffee about it on Teams. It’s boots-on-the-ground action, discussing the opportunities to support others in that ecosystem, and sparking conversations with young people that could redefine second chances.

Time to spill your tea will come when we come out with a pathway to realising some of those aspirations!

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