Meet the two new Champions from SMD!

Welcome to our newest Ignite Champions; Patience Mubaiwa and Marium Ullah from SMD!

About Patience

I am a commercial assistant at SMD. I graduated from university in 2021 with a degree in Accounting and Finance. When I came out of Uni, I was a bit lost. I no longer wanted to pursue a career in either Finance or Accounting. I stumbled upon SMD when my partner (who works for SMD) informed me of an admin assistant role that was available at the time. I took my chances and applied because I thought the best I could do whilst I tried to figure out my next move, was get experience within the office. When I started working here, I was quite surprised to see that construction was so much more than manual labour. There were various roles within the industry from project management, surveying, inspection, safety management, administration and so on. I found my feet quickly here and I am now on a journey to pursue a career as a quantity surveyor, facilitated by my employer SMD.

As a young person myself, I understand the struggles some young people in NEET may be facing when trying to begin a career. There is a lot of pressure on young people to have their careers mapped out when they have not had enough or any opportunities to realise their passions and potential. This is why I admire Inspire 2 Ignites ethos, not are they helping young people discover their talents, they are also providing them (with the help of us sponsors) with the necessary skills and tools that will help them build successful careers. My 18-year-old self would have been so grateful to have people like Inspire 2 Ignite in my corner.

About Marium

I am 21 years old. After dropping out of sixth form, my mind was amidst many options for my path in life, which also included giving up on any kind of motivation I had left, and this was hard to navigate my way back from. After a tumultuous 2 years of getting back to Marium and studying a construction course at college, my motivation was back, and I found SMD through a close connection. I joined SMD with a fresh aspiration towards Construction and was trained as an Administrative Assistant in my first few months at the company. I had previously voiced that I was looking to pursue the Project Management route, and this was heard and discussed by my employer with me. I was happy to see that they had put a development plan in place for myself and I could see and feel that I was going to do well here if I worked hard. As SMD is an ever-growing company, this allowed me to also familiarise and see the dynamic of the business side of things whilst being in the office and on site. It’s very interesting for me to see the company constantly being developed further and what exactly goes into this. There are many elements that go into building a Construction company, and it is not just about the bricks and blocks.

"I am a huge fan of what Inspire 2 Ignite represent and stand for and I am proud to be a part of something that will change the future of many young people's lives. I admire their passion in every effort they make in completing their mission to provide a safe space for young people to become a believer of their true power and recharge their self-belief so that they become self-sufficient. Giving young people that are NEET these chances is what I believe will truly establish an incredible change of mindsets across the world and become apparent in their results through each Curious individual’s experience, which is evident from seeing all the young entrepreneurs from Inspire 2 Ignites 1st Birthday. I am excited to spread their ethos into action with my pledge as a Champion, as well as representing SMD. I want to let the Curious individuals know that they will see more people of colour, females and young people in Construction, and they can take this however far they dream of."

About Spacemaker Developments

Spacemaker Developments are a Construction company that specialise in Commercial Construction and Project Management. Founded in 2017, SMD Ltd has established a solid reputation for completing construction projects of the highest calibre across the Midlands, the East of England and Greater London area. SMD provides an array of building services from new build commercial and residential developments, roofing works, interior fit out, maintenance and refurbishments across an array of sectors. They are proud in what they achieve and do so with the utmost quality, safety and panache. SMD are constantly finding and driving their employees with the right attitude and thirst for achieving the best in everything they do, which is what makes SMD so special.