Curious Entrepreneurs stormed ATOMICON this week

The squad was on a mission this week, embarking on an exhilarating journey in the vibrant city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Alex, Sam and Katy took a squad of three ambitious powerhouse Curious Entrepreneurs with them. Our goal? To immerse ourselves in the extraordinary #ATOMICON event and harness the wisdom of industry titans, supercharging the young people’s experiences and businesses along the way.

A special thanks

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the event founders and proud Ignite Champions, Andrew and Pete, who generously provided our Igniters with free tickets to this legendary sales and marketing extravaganza that is taking the world by storm! Their support as our proud Ignite Champions has been invaluable.

But there’s even more to celebrate! The dynamic duo of Andrew and Pete handpicked us as their official community partner, granting us a share of the merchandise sales. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Atomic Store goodies, available HERE.  Your purchase directly supports our mission of empowering young  people through entrepreneurship.

Highlights from ATOMICON

The impact of the experience

Harry and Morgan capturing content at Atomicon

Had an great time at #atomicon23, met some really amazing people and had the pleasure of seeing some truly inspiring talks! Massive thank you to Alex Hughes, Sam Squire, Katy Davies and Inspire 2 Ignite CIC for the opportunity🙌 Featuring Morgan Bedford getting hands on with the M50 Mark II 🎥

Just wanted to show a bit of appreciation for what you've done with Bailey the past couple of days. He came home last night absolutely buzzing. I think he must have stood in our front room for over an hour and just talked non-stop about all these people he's met, about how he got to know the team, all these opportunities, all the messages he's going to send to followup with, all these exciting projects he's lined up. m. Honestly, it's so nice to see him like this. He's never really show this before about school, and literally right away he's buzzing about things he wants to do. For us, that's what we want to see. Sam, I will forever be grateful for what you and Alex are doing, thank you so much from both of us.

Igniting the after-party

As the sun set over the city, the party was just getting started! Sam Squire, with the infectious energy of VIBRANCY Events LTD, set the after-party ablaze, ensuring a night filled with networking, laughter, and memorable connections.

With renewed energy and excitement, we’re eagerly anticipating another incredible day at Atomicon. Surrounded by like-minded individuals and fuelled by the shared passion for entrepreneurship, the squad made the most of every opportunity.

New connections and friends

Our experience at Atomicon reinforces our commitment to nurturing young people’s entrepreneurship, providing them with the support, community and inspiration needed to help them make their dreams a reality.

It was amazing to make new friends, and also to see our beloved Ignite Champions; Dani ‘The Queen Bee’ Wallace, Inge Hunter and Jo Swann. Thank you all for the best time, it was an incredible opportunity for the young people, Bailey, Morgan and Harry who made the most of every moment.

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