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Alternative Provision Programme

Inspire 2 Ignite provides a unique alternative provision offering available for students who are disengaged with mainstream education and those who are in alternative education settings. We activate these young people through activity-led learning. Our programmes are tailored to enrich traditional education and develop essential life skills.

Through a blend of hands-on learning, community engagement, industry experience and support, we ensure that every student gains valuable skills and experiences that enhance their school performance and personal development.

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“The work that the Inspire 2 Ignite team have done with our young people has without a doubt raised their aspiration and has got them thinking about next steps, whereas maybe before they started to work with the team, they were unsure about the career pathway they want to go down. Now lots of them are actively looking at business courses, entrepreneurial activities post-16 and I firmly believe that the work that’s been done will prevent the young people involved from becoming NEET.”
- Mark Kirby, Headteacher, Olive Academy, Cambridge
The Curious Corner
The Curious Corner revolutionises how young people participate in career fairs by providing them a safe space to explore their potential and ignite their curiosity. Through interactive and engaging activities, students identify their core values and determine what they seek in an employer. Equipped with insightful questions and newfound confidence, they can then engage more meaningfully with prospective employers, leading to interactions that are both rewarding and productive.
“Sam and Alex recently attended the CRC careers fair and basically managed to engage almost every passerby and got them talking, thinking and interacting!”
- Sarah Fielding, Senior HR Advisor, Meridian Trust
Subject Specific Workshops
We offer a diverse array of workshops and activities designed to enrich students’ educational journeys by providing them with practical knowledge and essential skills. We are eager to collaborate with you to tailor an experience that best suits your students’ interests and needs. Below are examples of subject specific experiences we have delivered:
" I am always in complete awe of Inspire 2 Ignite! They just see the magic in young people, especially those who are disengaged and somehow manage to reignite that spark in them! I absolutely love watching them work but even more so working with them because I as a professional learn so much and they inspire me to be better!”
- Amber Walker, Careers Lead, St Peter’s School, Huntingdon
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