Parents/ Carers
At Inspire 2 Ignite, we are committed to providing a nurturing and safe space for young people to explore their curiosity and potential. Our events and experiences are specifically designed to engage young minds, helping them connect with like-minded peers and discover the opportunities available to them.
Upcoming Events and Experiences
We regularly host events where young people can meet our team, engage with other young individuals, and learn about various opportunities ranging from apprenticeships to focused programmes and hands on experiences.
These gatherings are perfect for inspiring creativity and ambition in a supportive community setting. To see what’s coming up, please visit our ‘What’s On Page’.
The Opportunity Portal
We’re pleased to introduce our brand new opportunity portal on WhatsApp, a dynamic platform designed to connect young people, parents, carers, educators, and youth organisations with a wealth of opportunities. This secure portal provides access to exclusive work experiences, open days, business funding, programmes, events, and more.

Joining is free, and we’ve taken great care to ensure safety and privacy:

Updates only: Participants phone numbers remain hidden, even from administrators.

Direct Support
We are committed to supporting all young people aged 12-24. We encourage your young person to reach out and arrange a one-to-one call with our team to discuss how we can best support their interested and aspirations.
Our Community Manager will actively listen and ask coaching questions to understand the young persons’ interests, goals and needs. This can allow us to organically refer them to the endless work experiences, apprenticeships and job opportunities in our industry and community network.
“ Bailey came home last night and he was buzzing. He literally stood in the front room for an hour telling us about all of the people that he met, all of the projects he’s found out about and all of these opportunities that are now in his hands, he is absolutely buzzing. It is one of the most refreshing things my wife and I have seen from him in a long time. From the bottom of our hearts we will forever be grateful for what you have been able to give our son.”
- Mike Readings, Parent