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We build strong relationships with our corporate partners to create unique industry experiences for young people who may not otherwise have these opportunities.

Addressing a critical challenge
In the UK, approximately 800,000 young people aged 16 to 24 are classified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), representing not just a socio-economic challenge but also a vast reservoir of untapped potential. They are often just uninspired by what has been offered to them by the traditional education system and outdated career services.

At Inspire 2 Ignite, we re-engage these young people, equipping them with the skills necessary for successful integration into further education, apprenticeships, or directly into the workforce. Our innovative programmes are designed to enhance personal and professional capacities, preparing young individuals for meaningful careers and productive roles in the economy.

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We concentrate our efforts on the ‘Curious Triangle’— Hutingdonshire, Cambridge, Peterborough, and Milton Keynes—to develop young talents and improve social dynamics through our community engagement initiatives. This targeted approach not only benefits the local economies but also provides businesses with a more skilled and ready workforce.
Our model addresses current gaps in workforce readiness and offers a replicable blueprint for how youth engagement can meet the needs of modern challenges businesses have attracting talent. This initiative not only prepares young people for immediate opportunities but also makes a case for businesses to invest in the future of their local workforce, leading to a stronger, more resilient economy.
Investing in our programmes is a value exchange and we want businesses to benefit from our mission, check out the Organic Referral System for more information on how you can benefit.
For every £1,150 sponsored by a business, we can activate one young person into employment or training.
This investment helps us reach our goal of activating 10,000 young people in 2024, inspiring them to take actionable steps in their communities and aligning them with corporate cultures that sponsor their journeys.

Opportunities for Corporate Involvement

Engage your workforce: Allow your employees to mentor and support young individuals, directly contributing to their growth and your company's CSR goals.

Join Our Network

Become part of a vibrant community of innovators and change-makers dedicated to making a significant social impact.

Enhance Your Brand

Gain positive exposure by associating with our impactful events and initiatives, enhancing your company’s social responsibility profile.

Work Experience and Talent Pipeline

Offer work placements that prepare youths for future employment, creating a direct talent pipeline that benefits both the young individuals and your business.

We have developed meaningful partnerships with with over 100 corporate and community organisations, each playing a critical role in creating opportunities for young people. These collaborations not only facilitate direct industry referrals but also enrich our programmes with real-world insights and resources.
By Integrating young individuals into diverse professional environments, we ensure they gain relevant experiences that are directly applicable in their future careers. These partnerships are instrumental in bridging the gap between untapped potential and actual workforce needs, thereby enhancing both individual prospects and the broader community. – It would be good to bold out some of the numbers or put them in a different colour to make them stand out.
“The Mick George Group are extremely proud to be able to sponsor Inspire 2 Ignite. It has created a bridge between our Company and young people searching for a new chapter. As a business, we encourage fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Supporting young people is not only the morally right thing to do but is also essential for building a better future for us all!”
-Michael Moriarty, Head of People, Mick George Ltd.
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Join us in shaping the workforce of tomorrow by becoming a strategic partner with Inspire 2 Ignite.

Together, we can create transformative opportunities that not only prepare young people for successful careers but also enhance your organisations impact on society. Contact us today to explore how your business can benefit from a partnership and make a lasting difference in the community.