We work with both corporate and community partners to curate transformative events, experiences, and programmes to create opportunities for the young people we work with. Here are some examples:
The Ultimate Work Experience
As part of our partnership with the leading property consultancy firm, we worked collaboratively with the Bidwells’ talent team to offer a unique and incredible opportunity for young people to embed themselves in the company last summer. The 5-day programme reimagined the traditional ‘work experience’ for young people experiencing or at risk of NEET (not in Education, Employment or Training) to design their very own town and gain hands-on experience in every aspect of Bidwells’ operations and departments. The participants experienced a fully supported, transformational deep dive into the organisations culture.
“We will do this again and again, as the work experience programme we did with Inspire 2 Ignite inspired us as a firm. Seeing these amazing people attend, thrive and come up with amazing ideas was wonderful to be a part of, and I look forward to watching them grow.”
- Hannah Roman, People and Culture Director, Bidwells
Curious About Ice Cream Experience
We took students from Alternative Provision on an entrepreneurial journey, learning about business and igniting their characteristics. Guided by our team, the students took charge of the cart and steered the project, building their brand, negotiating with suppliers, setting prices and learning how to entice and sell to customers. The young people also learned about food hygiene, licensing requirements, and the art of pitching for space at events or co-working buildings. The young people came away from the day oozing with newfound confidence; “I can talk to people”, “I can sell”, and “What is next? I want to learn more about business”.
“Thank you for an amazing project, which I am sure will have a long-lasting positive impact on our young people. I can honestly say, it couldn't have gone any better! The outcomes observed today are testament to the brilliant work all of you have put in. This experience will be life changing for our young people.”
- Mark Kirby, Headteacher, Olive Academy, Cambridge
Curious About Industry Experience
We took a group of 16-24 year olds to our very f irst ‘Curious About Industry’ experience at the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). At MOLA’s processing centre in Stansted, the group had the opportunity to learn and explore technology and archaeology, whilst channelling their creativity. The young people worked together to execute a brief set by Highways England and produced a short film from scratch on how ‘Archaeology is a Science’ during their week with the archaeological professionals. The film was then nominated as a finalist at the CITB awards in London month.
"I loved that they turned Sage and the Black Cat into characters! They looked amazing and it was a lovely surprise to see them. I was not expecting this and it was above and beyond the brief.”
- Caroline Barrie-Smith, Head of Audience Engagement, MOLA