Inspiring curiosity at Red Balloon of the Air

We are on a mission to inspire 10,000 young people through entrepreneurial events and experiences. As part of this mission, we work with education settings to create unique learning experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom environment. Recently, Lead Ignition Coach & Future CEO Sam Squire had the privilege of conducting a workshop at Red Balloon of the Air, a unique setting designed to foster a calm and supportive learning atmosphere for young people who struggle with ‘mainstream’ educational settings.

Going deeper through Curious Questions

During one-to-one conversations with the young participants, Sam was able to delve deeper into their values and discovered their diverse interests and aspirations. From aspiring artists, technicians, and mechanics to voice actors and bakers, it was evident that curiosity played a central role in their lives.

Sam’s workshop ‘flipping the narrative for a better future’ sets out to challenge the prevailing narrative that curiosity is seen as a negative trait and instead emphasises its power to shape our stories and characteristics.

Watch Sam in action during the workshop; using Curious Questions to find out about a young person’s strengths and help explain the concept of Coaching and Mentoring.

The psychology of curiosity

The group discussions revolved around the concept of curiosity and how it intertwines with our self-perception. The group explored the notion that each of us has the ability to choose how we navigate the world and direct our curiosity. This shift in perspective opened up a world of possibilities for the young minds in attendance.

The question and answer session proved to be a pivotal moment, with insightful “a-ha” moments for both the students and Sam; delving into the topic of education and how the learning environment can sometimes hinder rather than nurture curiosity.

One of Sam’s favourite quotes which visually represents the importance of creating an empowering environment to allow young people to thrive is; 

When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment, not the flower.

What’s next?

There was lots of interest in our Ignite Programme, designed to develop Curious Entrepreneurs, and there are lots of opportunities for us to connect the young people from Red Balloon of the Air with the right industries and cultures through our extensive network. By doing so, we can provide them with the support and opportunities needed to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, and unique characteristics.

There are exciting work placement opportunities available for these young individuals with our valued partners, Bidwells in August.

Are you interested in finding out how we can align these young talents with your organisation?  If so, please drop us a message and we’ll start the conversation.