Just say the word, and we'll do the rest

A young person recording content at the Museum of London Archaeology 'Curious about Industry' event

Right now, we are working with partners in industry to help them solve their challenges.

We create bespoke ‘partner packages’ to refer/connect our industry allies to the hard to reach talented workforce across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Some of the packages we have created so far include;

  • entrepreneurial events and activities (facilitated industry days, facilitated work experience – we literally come in and make your work experience happen!)
  • CSR projects
  • co-bids for funding
  • recruitment referrals

Why is it important?

We work closely with our partners of all sizes, because we want to make sure we make the right connections to enable as many young people as possible the opportunity to change their own future.

Our Founder talks about how and why our industry allies are working with us;

"Industry is starting to remove their barriers, how many jobs used to need a degree, for instance, and now totally open to no academic grades. I am happy those steps are being taken, but we MUST change the way we engage with this group of young people as their starting point is a huge lack of self-belief and ambition! We resolve that problem for those who back us.  We've engaged with almost 2,000 young adults and youth in 2023 so far. I can say with certainty that there is no shortage of talent in the UK. Some of our industry just need to wake up to new ways of attracting them and work harder when it comes to supporting them develop. You might not find them on Indeed, at your local careers fair or via a job centre. Those we focus on are economically inactive, or as we like to put it, waiting to be engaged, inspired, and activated! 750,000+ 16 - 24 year olds fall into this category in the UK! Yes, it sucks you have to invest extra resources and energy in to show these young superstars in the making that you are there. Quite frankly, imagine being in their shoes, though! 99% of them in that situation through circumstances out of their control and believe they are failures, why? Because that's what British culture tells them daily! The good news is Inspire 2 Ignite CIC is engaging, inspiring, and activating them into economic activity on a daily basis! The young people develop as much loyalty as we give them to those who support us do that and give these young people a chance! We have some really forward-thinking brands and big hitters to be announced in the coming weeks as supporters for what we are building here. If you aren't yet engaged with this and you employ 16 - 24 year olds, you might want to jump on board soon, as this rocket is set to take off!  Today is the day you make that commitment, and it will bring a whole new level of hungry, loyal, and curious talent to your culture!

I am astounded at the way in which the “Curious Entrepreneur Team” have connected with my Daughter, age 16. Since meeting with them her light has been ignited, she has lost self belief due to the restrictions of feeling stuck & that her only direction was to stay in sixth form. Feeling uninspired daily has taken its toll. A conscientious bright young lady with so much to give the world didn’t understand that opportunities were out there until she met with the team. The way in which they connected with her will be life changing and monumental in her future. Seeing her with so much excitement and self belief is a blessing for me as a Parent. This will not only positively impact her future professional life but also personal too. This is exactly what young people need; somewhere to go to feel supported, important & above all in control of their future.
Carly Harvey