Inspire 2 Ignite partners with MK:U for a Transformative Aspirations Day

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This week, Inspire 2 Ignite joined forces with MK:U Innovation Hub and others to host an impactful “Raising Aspirations Day,” aimed at boosting self-awareness, confidence, and aspirations among young people in Milton Keynes.

This partnership stems from Inspire 2 Ignite’s ongoing commitment to fostering educational innovation and community engagement in the region, following the success of last year’s “Curious About Milton Keynes” event. A big thank you to Christian Mackey, Samantha Poole, and Claire Hodgkiss for their ongoing belief and support, which has been instrumental in strengthening relationships in the area.

This week’s event engaged Year 12 students from local schools, who were invited to attend after expressing their eagerness to participate through applications to MK:U. This resulted in an event full of engaged participants, with activities designed to spark entrepreneurial thinking, enhance teamwork skills, and promote personal growth.

Joining us in supporting this event were two of our corporate partners, Bidwells and Hill Group, both of whom have a strong commitment to community-focused initiatives and supporting the next generation.

Highlights of the day included: 

  • Entrepreneurial Workshop: Led by Alex Richards, Entrepreneur and Community Manager at I2I, and Luka Green, Co-Founder of FilmWithReko, this session challenged students to identify local issues and devise innovative solutions, culminating in pitches to their peer groups.
  • Skill-Building Challenge: Facilitated by Network Rail, another key partner of the event, participants imagined they were stranded at sea, requiring them to prioritise limited resources effectively, thus enhancing their communication, teamwork skills, and strategic thinking.
  • Self-Awareness Development: Delivered by Lee Hubbard from Wootton Upper School, with support from Bidwells, Hill Group, and Blue Cube, this session helped students explore their strengths and interests. It encouraged reflection on their unique life experiences, showcasing skills developed through lived experience that can be represented in their CVs and personal statements.


The event not only highlighted the unique talents and capabilities of each participant but also fostered new friendships and networks among the young attendees.

Looking forward, with the ongoing support of MK:U and other fantastic organisations in Milton Keynes, Inspire 2 Ignite plans to host more ‘Insight to Industry’ events in the area, with a focus on technology and construction sectors.

"The Raising Aspirations Day was a real success and marks the beginning of what we anticipate will be a long and fruitful collaboration with MK:U, aimed at empowering more young people in the area. Collaboration is key to ensuring maximum impact for the whole community and this event highlighted what can be achieved when people come together to achieve a common goal."

Sam Squire- CEO, Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

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