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Igniting Imagination: A Week Of Curious Corners Unfolds.

Inspire 2 Ignite’s trio of Curious Corners last week sparked imagination and ambition among the young people at Cambridge Regional College and Hampton College, reaching a diverse group of students eager to explore their futures.

Cambridge Regional College

Across two campuses, Cambridge and Huntingdon, we engaged approximately 1000 16-19-year-olds about their career aspirations. Thanks to our sponsors, Mick George, MacroArt, and Hill Group who joined us on both days bringing unparalleled energy and industry insight. Students were encouraged to reflect on their values and the qualities they seek in future employers, rather than just focusing on what an employer might want from them.

Hampton College

We finished the week at Hampton College, Peterborough with 900 participants from year 8 to year 13. Ignite Champion Lewis Vernum and Curious Entrepreneur Bo, brought personal stories of growth and resilience, resonating deeply with students.

Bo’s story in particular, stood as a beacon of hope to a group of shy students who might have otherwise found themselves feeling isolated and unsure of their futures. Coming from a similar place, as someone who hated to leave their room to now being a business owner and able to step out of their comfort zone to share their journey with roomfuls of people, their story acted as an inspiring reminder that anything is possible.

As always we saw great curiosity as well as some nerve-racking moments with our Curious Jenga game at the events. A few shaky hands as precarious towers were created when the young people went head to head with the Inspire 2 Ignite team. More deeply this purposeful activity facilitated meaningful interactions between the students and our partners through thought-provoking questions.

Having recently joined the Inspire 2 Ignite team, it was Community Manager, Alex Richard’s first time taking lead on these events. He said:

"Seeing how passionate young people can be about their future, knowing what they want to do, and just needing a little help to get there puts my role into perspective. Inspire 2 Ignite is here to help."

Alex Richards- Community Manager I2I

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With four more Curious Corners planned this month, we’re excited to continue supporting young people in navigating the complexities of career decision-making. As we creep towards the final term of the academic year, it is such a pivotal time for many young people and the importance of having the freedom to explore all available options cannot be overstated. Inspire 2 Ignite remains committed to alleviating the pressure of these decisions, ensuring every young person we engage with feels confident and equipped to pursue their aspirations.