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Inspiring Futures: Curious Corners Ignites Connections in Peterborough

This February, Inspire 2 Ignite’s Curious Corner events captivated over 1,500 students across Stanground Academy and Nene Park Academy in Peterborough, showcasing an innovative approach to career exploration and networking.

Stanground Highlights

The event at Stanground Academy on February 6th for year 9-13 students was a hive of activity, making it our most engaged Curious Corner to date. Corporate sponsors MacroArt, Ignite Champion Lewis Vernum, and Curious Entrepreneur Bailey Readings brought unparalleled energy alongside the Inspire 2 Ignite team. The ‘Sign Our Jenga block’ challenge was a particular favourite at the event, encouraging students to interact with representatives from esteemed organisations like the NHS, British Army, and the Police, fostering a sense of appreciation and connection.

Nene Park Highlights

Joined by corporate sponsors MacroArt and Mick George along with Ignite Champion Lewis Vernum and Curious Entrepreneur Bo the following week the visit to Nene Park Academy was especially memorable, marking Ignite Champion Lewis Vernum’s return to his old secondary school after more than a decade!

The event not only enlightened students about career possibilities but also fostered potential collaborations as seen in Vernum’s discussions with the Nene Park Trust about a micro-garden project. This highlights the Curious Corner’s role as a catalyst for connections, not just for the students but also between businesses. Furthermore, Alex Richards’s debut as Community Manager at this Curious Corner added a fresh dynamic to the team’s efforts.

A student reflected on the experience, saying,

"I'm feeling inspired and intrigued about potentially getting work experience in a field I'm interested to work in in the future"

Student- Nene Park Academy

Isabel Mccormack (MacroArt), Lee Garnett (MacroArt), Bailey Readings (Curious Entrepreneur), Alex Hughes (Inspire 2 Ignite), Lewis Vernum (Project Abundance)
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Bo (Curious Entrepreneur) engaging and inspiring the young people at Nene Park Academy

Looking ahead, Inspire 2 Ignite is excited about future engagement activities aimed at supporting students at risk of becoming NEET, underlining the initiative’s commitment to making a tangible difference in young people’s lives.

As we take a pause from these events for the rest of February, anticipation builds for a bustling March, with plans to extend our impact across seven more schools. The journey of Inspire 2 Ignite continues to inspire and energise, paving the way for a future where every young person can see a world of possibilities ahead.