Enterprise Day inspires young entrepreneurs at Joyce Frankland Academy

At the recent Enterprise Day hosted by Form the Future at Joyce Frankland Academy in Saffron Walden, Inspire 2 Ignite Lead Ignition Coach, Sam Squire, took on the role of judge as young entrepreneurs showcased their innovative business ideas. The event, which follows the successful format of previous Enterprise Days, aimed to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving skills among students.

Highlight pitches

One of the standout ideas presented during the event was “Stings on Wheels” by a team called “A Novel Idea.” Their concept involved repurposing donated items from local charity shops that were no longer usable and creating a mobile thrift shop. The team planned to take these items on designated routes within the community, targeting individuals who faced challenges in accessing traditional stores, such as the elderly and those with limited transportation options.

By upcycling the donated items and selling them on the move, the team aimed to reduce clothing waste and provide accessible shopping experiences. Their innovative twist involved transforming a double-decker bus into a dynamic mini-shop, complete with changing rooms and the flexibility to host pop-up shops.

Project plans

Winning pitch

During the event, other impressive business ideas were presented, including the winning concept called “Clean Catch.” This team proposed the use of a robotic whale equipped with AI technology to collect plastic waste from the oceans. The robotic whale was designed to differentiate between plastic and fish, ensuring the safety of marine life. The collected plastic would then be transported to ships capable of transforming it into usable products, which could be sold to renowned brands. This sustainable approach addressed the issue of ocean pollution while creating a viable business model.

As a volunteer judge, Sam Squire played a crucial role in evaluating and providing feedback to the young entrepreneurs, encouraging their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Enterprise Days like this empower students to think innovatively, solve real-world problems, and develop essential characteristics for the future. Well done to all the young people for coming up with their remarkable ideas and thank you to the Form the Future team for organising yet another successful Enterprise Day. These events continue to inspire and shape the next generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers.

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