Enterprise Day inspires young entrepreneurs at Linton Village College

Linton Village College was buzzing with entrepreneurial energy yesterday as we helped Form the Future deliver yet another activating and engaging Enterprise Day.

Our team for the day included Bidwells’ Ignite Champion Georgia Murphy, Hill Group‘s Social Value & Community Manager Charlotte Collison Inspire 2 Ignite Founder Alex Hughes, and Business Development Consultant Sally Field. Led by Sam Squire, our Lead Ignition Coach, our team offered students the opportunity to explore business concepts, design business plans, and deliver persuasive pitches to their peers.

Among the impressive array of ideas presented, two particularly notable ventures captured the hearts of both the students and our team.

Favour app reduces food waste

One standout pitch was ‘Favour,’ an app aiming to address food shortage and obesity concerns within the community. Favour offered a membership model where users could scan their food items, monitor expiration dates, and access personalised recipes based on their available ingredients. The app also encouraged a connection with local farmers’ markets, promoting sustainable consumption by reducing food miles. The ambitious Favour team even proposed potential collaborations with renowned personalities such as Jamie Oliver, who would promote the app on social media, with partners earning a percentage of membership sales.

Sage improves biodiversity

Another remarkable concept was ‘Sage,’ a project focusing on biodiversity. The Sage team proposed the creation of colorful bamboo and wax flowers designed to attract butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. The students also envisioned educational tours of the town, raising awareness about environmental challenges and teaching participants how to provide homemade nectar for the floral displays. Sage’s commitment to biodegradable materials and the preservation of natural habitats showcased their dedication to sustainability.

Our highlight of the day

Amidst the students’ inspiring achievements, a heart-warming story emerged. One member of the Favour team had recently joined the school and made an unforgettable impression during the Enterprise Day. This student’s confident pitch to the entire year group was a testament to their resilience and adaptability. Sam Squire commended the newcomer’s outstanding performance; “It was the highlight of my day and a testament to the inclusive and supportive environment fostered by our team of volunteers and the students. A big thank you to the team at Bidwells and Hill for supporting this event.”

The Form the Future Enterprise Day at Linton Village College exemplified a nurturing environment for young entrepreneurs to flourish. Ignite Champions, led by Sam Squire, played a pivotal role in guiding and inspiring the students as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys.

As the day concluded, students reflected on their accomplishments with a renewed sense of confidence and determination. We are proud to continue to bridge the gap between our Ignite Champions, their organisations and young talent; providing transformative experiences for young people and helping them channel their characteristics to thrive in the business world.

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