M&J Group new sponsors

Announcing our newest sponsor: M&J Group. Established in 1972, M&J Group stands as a cornerstone in the UK’s roofing and refurbishment construction industry. Their dedication to top-tier workmanship, environmental policies, and exceptional service aligns with the values we uphold at Inspire 2 Ignite CIC.

The Curious About Construction project offers a platform for young individuals at risk of becoming NEET. Our goal is straightforward: channel their characteristics, provide knowledge, and ignite an interest in construction.

M&J Group, as Ignite Champions, will play a pivotal role within our Curious Entrepreneurs community. This partnership represents a mutual vision to bridge young talent with industry opportunities throughout the year.

A warm welcome and huge thank you to Dawn, Jack and the M&J Group team for becoming our very first sponsors in Bedfordshire. They are already thought leaders and innovators in construction and align closely to our mission. M&J have great career opportunities, and are completely open to hiring young talent from all backgrounds. It's great to have them with us!

M&J Group and Inspire 2 Ignite – Building a brighter future in construction.

We are proud to sponsor Inspire 2 Ignite. By supporting this program, we not only contribute to the personal and professional growth of individuals but also invest in a brighter future for our communities and society. We believe in the power of education and mentorship, and through our partnership with Inspire 2 Ignite, we are proud to play a part in inspiring and nurturing the next generation.

About M&J Group

“Established in 1972, M&J Group are a leading provider for all roofing solutions and refurbishment construction works across the UK. We have an enviable reputation in our industry that has been built from high standards of craftsmanship from a professional team who are dedicated to customer service. Much of our work comes from the use of national frameworks and referrals which stands testament to both our capabilities and service. Our extensive quality, health and safety, as well as environmental policies, in conjunction with our industry certifications, offer our clients the assurance that comes with partnering with a respected and dependable firm. Our expertise cover a wide range of client bases including but not limited to; The Education, Social Housing, Health Care, Heritage and commercial. This is supported by our dynamic and exceptional team capable of meeting diverse needs. Our team is supported by a robust and established supply chain, enabling us to present rapid proposals with unwavering confidence. Evolution has taken us beyond the boundary of simply installing roofs. Client expectations and needs have changed and we have recognised this and evolved with it. Through our development we have a team that specialise in de-carbonation works within the refurbishment sector.”

Connecting young talent

The Curious About Construction project is serving as a platform for young people who are at risk of or currently NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) to hone their talents, enhance their knowledge, and cultivate a passion for the construction industry.

We’re instilling confidence, motivation, and inspiration in young people and are matching them with our amazing partners, like M&J Group. 

M&J Group’s Ignite Champions will become embedded in the Curious Entrepreneurs community, our brands will become aligned and we’ll be connecting young potential talent to them throughout the year.

Thank you

A big thank you to M&J Group for recognising the importance of our work. This partnership will enable us to continue delivering on our mission to empower young people and help bridge the skills gap in the construction industry.

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