Next Step event April 2023

What? The Next Step event is a FREE opportunity for 16-24 year olds to pitch their business ideas to an expert panel and receive cash to kickstart their business.  

When? Saturday 15th April 11am-5pm

Where? Brook House, 13 Brook Street, Saint Neots, PE19 2BP
Who? Everyone from the community is welcome, please bring along or invite the 16–24-year olds in your network who would benefit from the support of our expert panel, certified coaches, extensive entrepreneurial community, and other young entrepreneurs who have already attended our previous events.
The event is FREE and you do not need a ticket to enter, however if you know a young person who would like to book a 3-minute pitch slot, please share the link below with them! 

The Next Step is a perfect place for young people to step out of their comfort zone, build an amazing network and level up their life. I’ve seen first hand the impact the Next Step events have on the young people; helping them to look past a ‘standard’ education and see other options available to them through entrepreneurship and self-development.

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About the panel

Christine Griffey is passionate about igniting ideas, launching businesses, and accelerating organisational growth. Christine is a seasoned business owner with extensive expertise in strategy, leadership, development, project management, and team management. With her balanced and intuitive approach, Christine is sure to provide valuable feedback to each of the 16-24 year old Curious Entrepreneurs who will be pitching.

Scott Kingsbury is the founder of SK Perform, and is on a mission to create healthy teams across the globe, providing sales professionals with the tools and skills they need to succeed. With experience in building high-performing teams of 25+ in areas such as account management, new business, and customer success, Scott is a sales leader with a wealth of expertise. He strongly believes that understanding your purpose is essential for achieving success, and is passionate about creating team environments that are healthy and high-performing. This approach not only fosters growth and development but also allows individuals to become the best version of themselves.

Alex Hughes is the founder of Inspire 2 Ignite and is a social entrepreneur, driven by his belief in entrepreneurship being the ultimate form of creativity. Alex is a self-confessed project ‘firestarter’, problem-solver, side-hustler and highly motivated agent for change. Becoming a father at the age of 14 was the catalyst behind his commitment to removing the barriers for young people. This has led Alex to build and manage several businesses, all focusing on the power that clusters of entrepreneurs can play in economic and social development. Inspire 2 Ignite is Alex’s way of giving young people, who – like himself – may have found themselves in unusual or challenging situations, the chance to be their very best selves, taking back control of their lives, and creating a future of endless possibilities.