Engaging with young people through sports and entrepreneurship

At Inspire 2 Ignite, we are proud to work alongside Olive Academy, a fantastic organisation dedicated to supporting children and young people who have experienced difficulties in learning within mainstream schools. Olive Academy offers their students the opportunity to learn in small, well-supported groups, with a focus on purposeful learning.

Connecting through sports

Last Thursday, our Ignition Coach, Sam Squire, took part in a session at Olive Academy where he drew on his background as a former player for Cambridge United to connect with the students through the medium of sport. Engaging in activities together, Sam had the opportunity to observe their behaviour, understand them on a personal level, and witness their reactions to various stimuli.

What became apparent throughout the interactions was a common thread among the students—they possessed an unwavering commitment to hard work and a fierce desire to succeed. These are two essential characteristics of entrepreneurs, and it was inspiring to see them embodied in these young individuals.

“Curious About Ice Cream”

That's brilliant Sam, it was great that you came along, the students loved it, especially you nutmegging me lol. I really think that this is a relationship that we can build on, I will talk to mrk to see what else we can do, I would like to make the football a regular occurrence tbh, maybe on a different day in the week. I will ask about the ice cream venture, it sounds great, there were definitely some students interested. Have a great weekend mate, pleased to have met you.

Sam is preparing to facilitate the upcoming “Curious about Ice Cream” project with the young people at Olive Academy. This is a four-week journey that will empower the students to explore the world of entrepreneurship. The crew will embark on a collective adventure, branding an Ice Cream Kart, negotiating with suppliers, crafting their own menus, and ultimately launching their business at one of Cambridge’s vibrant and bustling office spaces.

But here’s the best part—the students will not only gain valuable entrepreneurial skills, but they will also earn a percentage of the profits generated on the day of the launch. It’s a tangible way for them to experience the rewards of their hard work and creativity.

Reflecting on his experience, Sam expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Engaging with the students at Olive Academy has been an absolute joy. Their dedication and drive are truly remarkable, and it’s a privilege to be a part of their journey. Through the ‘Curious about Ice Cream’ project, we aim to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and help them develop their characteristics.”

A powerful collaboration, serving young people

The collaboration between Inspire 2 Ignite and Olive Academy exemplifies the power of alternative education approaches and the transformative impact they can have on young people’s lives. It showcases the importance of nurturing potential, fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship, and providing unique opportunities for growth and development.

As Sam continues to inspire and empower young minds, we are reminded of the immense potential within every individual and the transformative power of combining education, sports, and entrepreneurship to shape a brighter future.