There is no holding them back - Bo's story

2023 has quite literally been Bo’s year. As one of the original Curious Entrepreneurs, Bo started their journey with heightened anxiety levels, frozen and unable to leave their home. Since joining the Curious Entrepreneurs community, they have changed their life beyond recognition. 

Achieving a life-long dream of attending ConFuzzled in the summer, self-funded through their own business, Bo set their bar high.

Then, firmly stepping outside their comfort zone, Bo courageously took to the stage to deliver a DisruptHR talk in Norwich, which earned a unanimous standing ovation. Overcoming their fears, taking on new challenges, and feeling safe and supported by their community, Bo then took the ultimate leap and delivered an incredible speech at our recent Curious About Cambridge event in front of their peers and the Inspire 2 Ignite CIC community. 

Buoyed by their successes and feeling like anything is possible, Bo jumped at the chance to inspire the next generation of young people at the Jack Hunt Careers Fair. They connected with and inspired the students with their creativity, taking action by selling  their bespoke keyrings and crafted items at the event. Bo made a good profit through selling these hand-crafted and thoughtful Christmas presents; demonstrating their entrepreneurial skills, resilience and adaptability. 

We couldn’t be prouder of Bo, and look forward to sharing the next steps of their journey with you.

Bo's handmade gifts made a good profit at Jack Hunt.

Watch Bo’s DisruptHR talk below