Bo's story

Meet Bo, an extraordinary individual and one of the original Curious Entrepreneurs on our Ignite Programme. Bo had a dream to attend ConFuzzled, an event they’d longed to be a part of since joining our programme. This would be their first time venturing away from home independently for an extended period. Determined to make it happen, Bo embarked on a remarkable journey over the past months.

Driven by their passion and dedication, Bo diligently saved all the profits from their business, covering their expenses, travel, and ticket to ConFuzzled. It was a significant milestone for them, stepping into an event on their own for the very first time. 


When Bo left for ConFuzzled, their Mum was so proud, “I can’t believe they’ve actually gone.” It was a testament to the tremendous transformation Bo has undergone on the Ignite Programme, in terms of mindset, confidence, and self-sufficiency. From organising their own accommodation to taking care of every detail, Bo displayed a new-found independence that left everyone in awe.

Not only has Bo excelled in their entrepreneurial journey, with their business in digital art, animation, and video editing thriving, but they are also on the cusp of monetising their YouTube channel, having achieved an impressive 70% of the required milestones.

Right: Bo’s time at ConFuzzled, the UK’s largest furry convention, held each year at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

‘Curious About Industry’ media award

But that’s not all—Bo’s talents extend beyond their business endeavours. They recently stepped up to take on the role of Creative Director for a film produced by a team of Curious Entrepreneurs during the immersive ‘Curious About Industry’ experience at the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). The exceptional work of the production team has earned them a nomination for an Inspiring Change Award – “promoting fairness, inclusion and respect in the construction and built environment sector”. Bo couldn’t be prouder of their fellow team members, saying, “I’m so proud of everyone; they all did a fantastic job.”

The Inspiring Change Award video

An outstanding role model

Bo’s journey exemplifies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and growth that we foster within the Curious Entrepreneurs on the Ignite Programme. We are immensely proud to witness their personal and professional growth, and we can’t wait to see what incredible achievements lie ahead for Bo.

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