Impact of Care Leavers' pilot event


Last November we partnered with Pathways4Us to run a pilot session for Care Leavers under 24 years old, on how to start a business from your bedroom. 

We offer access to our network, investment opportunities, and comprehensive support and were thrilled to be able to make our network available to Care Leavers. We showed the cohort how they could turn their ideas into viable side hustles and eventually into successful businesses.

During the session, we explored the market opportunities available to anyone with a laptop; empowering young people with the tools and knowledge to generate income through digital economies from Web 3 to eCommerce.

We simplified the ideas available, provided practical guidance and useful frameworks to help the young people get started. We also had an open discussion about the key entrepreneurial skills needed to become self-sufficient as a digital-focused entrepreneur.

For those who were inspired to take it one step further, we provided them with the opportunity, support, and guidance to pitch their ideas for funding and a community of people that want to support them beyond the investment, at the quarterly Next Step events in St Neots.

Alex and Joe explain the process


“Building a link with Curious Entrepreneurs has been really positive for our leaving care service. As well as the “Building a business from your bedroom” event for young people we also had an online “Find Out” session with Alex for our Personal Advisers (PAs).

I can see that as a result of this session the leaving care PAs are having many more conversations with our care leavers around starting their own business or self-employment.

This has lead to a small number of referrals directly to Curious Entrepreneurs for one-to-one support.

My impression is that PAs are just much more confident in suggesting this as an option now they know that help and support is available for our young people.

For example, just last week one of the PAs had a conversation with one of our asylum seeking young people who makes clothes. The PA asked; “Why are you planning to study construction next year? You clearly have a passion for making and designing clothes why don’t you look to develop this into a business- even if it is alongside a course to begin with?”

We have referred him to Curious Entrepreneurs.

We are hoping to build on this and are at the start of exploring a “franchising” opportunity specially for care leavers via a social enterprise.”

Rebecca McCallumEducation, Training and Employment Coordinator for Care leavers. Corporate Parenting Service

Care leaver Matt Jones on why he's an Ignite Champion

““Being an Inspire 2 Ignite CIC Champion means a lot to me. Having dropped out of school with no GCSEs, I didn’t fit into the linear education and career path that is pushed on to so many young people.

There’s so much unrecognised entrepreneurial talent in those who were just like me, and this initiative is exactly what we need to give these young people a place to thrive.

Not only that, this is the type of programme teaching you things you don’t learn at school. How to manage money, how to be an effective leader, the power of resilience – all vital skills in any walk of life.

I want to help people break out of the boxes we put ourselves into and explore what lights their fire.”

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