Assembling key stakeholders to transform the care system

The care system in the UK is in need of significant change, and we are taking action to make a difference. We are assembling key stakeholders, including those who specialise in care, people who have experienced care themselves, and individuals who are able to influence political and community change. In conjunction, we are partnering with industry leaders who can help create pathways for care leavers.

Through our work in this space, we know there is a massive unmet need in the care system. By bringing together stakeholders with a range of perspectives and expertise, we are committed to driving change and improving the lives of care leavers.

Our previous work with care leavers has shown us the importance of creating opportunities for young people to learn, grow, and thrive. Through our programmes and initiatives, we are helping to build the skills and confidence of care leavers, and creating pathways for them to succeed in a variety of industries.

Working together as a community

We believe that by continuing to work together and bringing more voices to the conversation, we can transform the care system and create a better future for all young people who have experienced care.

If you would like to join the conversation and help drive change, we welcome your input and participation.