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Do good, feel GREAT, for FREE At Inspire 2 Ignite CIC, we’re driven by a stark reality: over 800,000 young people in the UK, aged 14 to 24, are economically […]

Lea Turner joins the Curious Entrepreneurs podcast

Lea Turner on Curious Entrepreneur Podcast Lea Turner has built a multi 6-figure portfolio of businesses over the past 4 years through sheer grit, determination, incredible business acumen, and creativity. […]

The ULTIMATE work experience at Bidwells

Bidwells’ ULTIMATE work experience “I feel like Elon Musk“… just one of the comments from the young people at the ULTIMATE work experience at Bidwells this week. As part of our partnership […]

Curious About Ice Cream pilot at Portico

Curious About Ice Cream pilot was a massive success Two of the Curious Entrepreneurs getting their stall ready for launch Three weeks ago, we embarked on a journey at alternative […]

Josh’s journey to entrepreneurship

Josh’s journey as an entrepreneur In the heart of our Inspire 2 Ignite community, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing remarkable journeys and celebrating the successes of our Igniters. Today, […]

Care about what we do? Help us carry on our work

Care about what we do? Help us carry on our work “Empowering young people (16-24) to build sustainable and equitable communities through entrepreneurial experiences and events.” Welcome to Inspire 2 […]