Curious About Ice Cream coming this summer!

Inspire 2 Ignite CIC is excited to announce the launch of our newest programme, “Curious about Ice Cream,” this summer. This four-week introduction to entrepreneurship program is designed to support young people who are curious about business and want to discover what it’s all about.

We are thrilled to have a new friend in our community, Lewis, who has generously donated a commercial ice cream cart to our CIC. The cart served him well while he was getting on his feet, and he wants to see it put to good use for the next generation. Now, we are giving the opportunity to four of our Curious Entrepreneurs.

Impressive creativity and innovation

These young entrepreneurs will have the chance to build a brand for the cart service, negotiate with the supplier, develop pricing for their ice cream, and create a menu to entice customers. They will also discover food hygiene and licensing and pitch for space at an event or co-working building. Once they complete the program, they will be ready to split the profits of their effort on the day of sales, where they will learn the art of sales and engagement with the public.

This program is a great opportunity for young people to get real-life experience of entrepreneurship in its raw form. We are excited to launch this program as it aligns with our mission to inspire, ignite and empower the next generation of business leaders.

Taking it further

Later this summer, we will be taking this experience into an Alternative Provision school in Cambridge to run the program for those curious about business, again with a chance to come out for a day to get real life experience of entrepreneurship.

We can’t wait to see these young entrepreneurs using their creativity to drive footfall and troubleshoot the challenges that arise. This will be a great asset for us as Inspire 2 Ignite CIC as we look for ways for the young people we work with to earn and learn in new ways.

Join us in supporting these young entrepreneurs and stay tuned for updates on their progress.


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