Curious About Ice Cream pilot was a massive success

Two of the Curious Entrepreneurs getting their stall ready for launch

Three weeks ago, we embarked on a journey at alternative provision school Olive Academy .We took five students on an entrepreneurial journey, learning about business and igniting their characteristics with “Curious About Ice Cream.” 

Guided by our Lead Ignition Coach, Sam Squire, with generous support from volunteers Alex Richards (founder of Bagel Box) Lewis Kahraman (who donated the ice cream cart to this project), we dived into the world of ice cream and business.

A BIG thank you to the team at XL Press for donating the beautiful magnetic signage for the cart.

Building their business

The five students (who are all at risk of becoming NEET – not in employment, education or training) took charge of the cart and steered the project, building their brand, negotiating with suppliers, setting prices and learning how to entice and sell to customers. The young people also learned about food hygiene, licensing requirements, and the art of pitching for space at events or co-working buildings.

Launch day

On 18th July, the go-to-market day at the prestigious Portico building, One Station Square in Cambridge North arrived, and it was magical. The Curious Entrepreneurs showcased their ice cream truck venture with enthusiasm and expertise, engaging with over 100 customers and spreading the love through entrepreneurship and ice cream!

We were really pleased to be able to help out with this. We enjoy being able to give something back and be part of our local community. Well done to these amazing young entrepreneurs and to Sam Squire the team at Inspire 2 Ignite CIC for all that they do. Hopefully this will be the first of many similar experiences 😊

The impact went beyond sales

The success of the venture was evident not only in the experience gained but also in the financial results. The young entrepreneurs collectively made over £400 in profits, a testament to their hard work and dedication. As a reward for their efforts, the amount was split between the five students and given to them as gift cards, ensuring they have an awesome summer filled with cherished memories.

The Deputy CEO of Olive Academies called it “Absolutely bloody brilliant!”. 

The young people came away from the day oozing with newfound confidence and proudly told our Founder, Alex Hughes; “I can talk to people,” “I can sell,” and “What is next? I want to learn more about business.”

Testimonial from Olive Academy

"Thank you for an amazing project, which I am sure will have a long lasting positive impact on our young people. I can honestly say, it couldn't have gone any better! The outcomes observed today are testament to the brilliant work of all of you have put in over the last few weeks. I hope you all take time to reflect tonight on the incredible job that has taken place! This experience will be life changing for our young people."
Deputy Headteacher
Olive Academy
One of the 100+ customers making their purchase
The team enticed passers by to sample their ice cream

Thoughts from our team

It was incredible. I want to see one of these programmes in every Alternative Provision around the UK. Such a great way for young people to get their first taste of earning money for themselves.

We are best in class at engaging with young people; their shift in self-belief over the day was priceless. Thank you so much to Alex and Lewis for volunteering their time and for supporting the young people. We can safely say the pilot was a massive success and I'm excited to bring Curious About Ice Cream to other alternative provisions and schools across the region.

Pictures from the day!

Be part of something extraordinary

At Inspire 2 Ignite CIC, we believe in the potential of every young person. “Curious About Ice Cream” showed us that we absolutely belong in alternative provision. 

Imagine what we could achieve if we were in alternative schools full time – it would be life-changing. 

We’re nurturing dreams. Join us and be part of something extraordinary. 

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