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Inspire 2 Ignite Sparks Enthusiasm at Local Schools

Inspire 2 Ignite has once again set a new standard in career guidance and student engagement with its recent Curious Corners events at Hinchingbrooke School and St Ivo Academy. These events mark the beginning of a larger initiative, reaching approximately 7,500 young people across 14 schools over the next six months.

Hinchingbrooke School: Igniting Curiosity and Confidence

On Wednesday, January 24th, the Inspire 2 Ignite team presented its innovative Curious Corner at Hinchingbrooke School, engaging students from Years 11 to 13. Sponsors including SMD Ltd, Mick George Group, and MacroArt Ltd contributed to the event’s success.

A memorable highlight was the journey of a shy student who selected the blank Jenga Block from our Curious Jenga game. Tasked with gathering signatures from all exhibitors, her initial nervousness transformed into confidence. Returning with a block full of signatures, she expressed how this engaging task helped her initiate conversations, overcoming her shyness. This moment vividly demonstrated the impact of the Curious Corner, underlining the importance of interactive experiences in fostering personal growth and confidence.

Matt O’Connell from SMD Ltd, a former student of Hinchingbrooke, shared his thoughts:

“I had a fantastic day at the Curious Corner event at Hinchingbrooke School. Returning to my old school alongside Alex and colleagues from Mick George and MacroArt was a special experience. I reflected on how beneficial a community like Inspire 2 Ignite would have been during my school-leaving year. Struggling with no GCSEs, a support system like this would have been invaluable. I urge all young people, especially those unsure of their next steps, to connect with Inspire 2 Ignite. They open doors to great opportunities and instill confidence. Having Inspire 2 Ignite in our community is an asset, and SMD Ltd is proud to support their journey in empowering the next generation.”

Matt O'Connell- SMD Ltd

Approximately 250-300 students benefited from this event, gaining insights into various career paths and industry knowledge from the Curious Corner and the other businesses in attendance.

Lee Garnett (MacroArt), Ben Sullivan (MacroArt), Matt O'Connell (SMD Ltd), Andrew Ayling (Mick George Group), Laura Hayter (Mick George Group), Alex Hughes (Inspire 2 Ignite CIC).
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Students were asked whether they felt Engaged, Inspired or Activated after their interaction with the Curious Corner.

St Ivo Academy: Inspiration Meets Aspiration

The following day, Inspire 2 Ignite visited St Ivo Academy, engaging Year 9 and 11 students. This event was enriched by sponsors Mick George Group, MacroArt Ltd and Hill Group UK. The day was made even more special with the appearance of TikTok sensation ‘Liljr’, a former student of St Ivo Academy. With 3.1 million followers on TikTok, 369k on Instagram, partnerships with Twitch, and even modeling for Dior, ‘Liljr’s’ presence was a vivid example of how diverse and dynamic career paths can be.

A transformative moment at St Ivo Academy involved a group of despondent students. Initially avoiding interaction, they were drawn into a discussion about the entrepreneurial journey of a 20-year-old with millions of TikTok followers. This conversation about digital entrepreneurship served as a catalyst, encouraging one student to share their dream of entering the property business. Fortunately, two of our sponsors, including Hill Group UK which manages £800 million in property, were perfectly positioned to offer insights and guidance. This serendipitous connection offered the student not only real-world advice but also tangible pathways to pursue their ambition in the property sector. The students left the event energised and informed, a testament to the power of engaging and relevant career exploration. This encounter exemplified the essence of the Curious Corners initiative – not just to engage students in career conversations but to connect their aspirations with real-world opportunities and mentors in relevant fields.

Alex Hughes, Founder of Inspire 2 Ignite CIC, reflects on the importance of these events:

"These events are incredibly important, more so than we ever realised. While we focus on those at risk of becoming NEET, the value we add to all attendees is immeasurable. Encouraging curiosity and the right mindset towards careers is crucial. Through our collaborations with various schools, we aim to demonstrate the need for embedding coaching and safe, engaging environments in career guidance."

Alex Hughes- Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

Around 700 students participated in this event, exploring diverse career opportunities and engaging with influential figures.

'Liljr' made a special guest appearence at the St Ivo Curious Corner. He was tasked with selling the Curious Jenga block in 60 seconds.

Acknowledging Our Partners

The success of these events is a reflection of the collective efforts of all our partners and sponsors. Their involvement goes beyond mere participation; it represents a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds. While we express our gratitude to every sponsor, we also want to thank Ultimate Entertainment for their ongoing support with hire equipment, which plays a crucial role in engaging the young people at these events.

As we look forward to future events, we remain dedicated to our vision of empowering the next generation. Through continued collaborations and innovative approaches, we aim to broaden horizons and inspire a new wave of confident, informed, and motivated young individuals ready to take on the world’s challenges.