Curious Corner: unleashing a new approach to Careers Fairs

At Inspire 2 Ignite CIC, we believe in going beyond the traditional approaches to create meaningful experiences for young people. That’s why we’ve developed Curious Corner, designed to revolutionise how young people engage at Careers Fairs. We’re bringing a fresh perspective that focuses on understanding the WHO rather than the WHAT. It’s all about creating immersive moments to delve deeper into the individual, capturing their unique behaviours, interests, and values.

What to expect

  • No barriers, no boring banners, no suits, no tables, no traditional careers fair staleness
  • We’ll bring everything to engage with each and every young person in the room
  • Proven activities to unlock creativity and spark curiosity, including; driving simulator, DJ workshop, Curious Jenga
  • A chilled environment providing a safe space for curious coaching conversations to build rapport, inspire and activate
  • Meaningful engagement in the places under 24s live their lives, including social build up on TikTok, Discord and Instagram
  • A protected zone for under 24s only (and of course, our Inspire 2 Ignite sponsors

Sam and Alex recently attended the CC CRC careers fair and basically managed to engage almost every passer-by and got them talking, thinking and interacting! (I will not tell you how as I do not want to give the game away).

I am always in complete awe of Alex and Sam! They just see the magic in young people, especially those who are disengaged and somehow manage to reignite that spark in them! I absolutely love watching them work but even more so working with them because I as a professional learn SO much and they inspire me to be better!

Why Curious Corner?

In Curious Corner, we aim to connect with young minds on a personal level, helping them discover their true potential. Gone are the days of boring pop-up banners and generic desks. Instead, we’re creating an environment that sparks curiosity and ignites passion. It’s a space where young individuals can explore different career paths, engage in interactive activities, and have meaningful conversations with industry professionals.

Why get involved?

What sets Curious Corner apart is the involvement of our incredible sponsors who bring their Ignite Champions, young talents from their organisations, to be part of this transformative experience. They will share first-hand experiences, showcasing the vibrant cultures they work for and inspiring young people to find their perfect match. It’s an opportunity for students to gain valuable insights, make connections, and explore diverse career possibilities.

When does Curious Corner start?

Mark your calendars for 4th July, as the first Curious Corner will take place at the St Peter’s School Careers Fair. This is where our sponsors and Ignite Champions will witness the future of engagement with under 24s in action, meticulously designed and passionately delivered by Inspire 2 Ignite CIC. 

Curious? Get involved in our first Curious Corner

Join us on this exciting journey of reimagining Careers Fairs and unlocking the potential of every young individual. Let’s create an environment where curiosity leads to discovery, and inspiration leads to action.

  • When? 4th July 2023
  • Where? St Peter’s School, Huntingdon
  • How? We take our sponsors and Ignite Champions to each careers fair we shake up throughout the year – talk to to find out more

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