Curious Corner ignites inspiration for post-18 options

The atrium of Jack Hunt School in Peterborough was buzzing with activated year 12 and 13 students on Wednesday. The young people and their families met with our Curious Crew at our dedicated Curious Corner space, exploring their post-18 options. Occupying over 25% of the floor space, the Curious Corner became a focal point of inspiration and activation in the entrance, setting the stage for families and students before they explored the main hall filled with other organisations, colleges, and universities.

The Curious Crew

The event was a showcase of young talent and community engagement, highlighted by the participation of the young Ignite Champions from MacroArt‘s Early Careers team. These dynamic individuals brought a fresh perspective to the event, demonstrating the importance of nurturing early career development and the powerful impact of mentorship.

I enjoyed engaging with (young people) who may not have approached me if I was stood behind a table at a fair. They felt they could come over and chat with me casually which felt so much more natural and engaging for both parties.

Curious Crew Member

Bo, one of the original Curious Entrepreneurs, was a standout with their bespoke keyrings and crafted items. Bo’s success in selling these hand-crafted and thoughtful Christmas presents demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills honed through the Curious Entrepreneurs programme.

With a vision to start each young person on a journey of self-discovery, each person interacting with the Curious Corner was greeted with openness, kindness and encouragement. The space served as a launchpad, igniting curiosity and enthusiasm before visitors continued to the main hall. Strategically placed in the entrance atrium, the Curious Corner provided a seamless interaction to warm the young people up to the idea of being open to explore their post-18 pathways, offering students a broader perspective on their future possibilities.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, Inspire 2 Ignite CIC is excited to bring the Curious Corner to more schools. Our next stops are Hinchingbrooke on 24th January and St Ivo School on 25th January. We’re inviting our Ignite Champions and Sponsors to join us, opening doors to opportunities for young people to engage in meaningful conversations and explore diverse paths.

As we celebrate the success of the Curious Corner at Jack Hunt School’s Careers Event, we are reminded of the power of community, creativity, and collaboration in shaping the futures of young people. Inspire 2 Ignite CIC remains dedicated to creating spaces where young minds can explore, learn, and grow, supported by a community that believes in their potential.

I'm so proud of the Curious Crew for igniting the curiosity in the young people of Peterborough. It was a bold move, launching our Curious Corners back in the summer; shaking up the traditional Careers Fair vibe. But, through working with awesome schools like Jack Hunt, we are showing how meeting young people at their level, with engaging and fun activities, THEN asking the curious questions, really works. We're changing the way young people view themselves, and their futures, and I'm so grateful for our Ignite Champions and supporters for joining this important journey.

Sam SquireCEO Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

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Bo's hand-crafted keyrings flew off the stand, making ideal, unique birthday presents.