Curious Entrepreneur Podcast
How to turn £1000 into £10000 with a side hustle

Inspire 2 Ignite CIC presents – Curious Entrepreneur Podcast. This is where we discuss business ideas, challenge the systems working against 16 – 24 year olds and talk about the mindset required for a successful journey of a curious entrepreneur.

We have the side hustle king himself, also known as Dan Jones ( in for this high-energy conversation about all things startups and side hustles. 

We cover…

How to turn £1000 into £10000

Raising cash for ideas when you are at school

How Dan met Mr Motivator and Hard-Fi in a golf buggy

The most creative ways to get told no on repeat

If you have any questions for Dan, get in touch with us and we can introduce you to him, he is also a member of our Discord Community.

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