Welcome to our new Curious Engager - Lewis Kahraman

Meet Lewis Kahraman – our newest Curious Engager, and the embodiment of community-driven impact.

Lewis’ story intertwines beautifully with the ethos of Inspire 2 Ignite CIC. Our Lead Ignition Coach, Sam Squire, originally met Lewis during his time at Cambridge United Community Trust. Both, fiercely committed to uplifting young people, found common ground in helping steer underserved young people away from streets and towards brighter prospects.

Reconnecting with the team

Lewis reconnected with Sam and generously donated his much loved ice cream cart, which had helped him launch his own side-hustle. This cart became the foundation of our ‘Curious About Ice Cream’ project. Not just a means to sell ice cream, this cart became the cornerstone of the programme as a tool for empowerment, and a symbol of community involvement.

Having worked closely with Sam and Alex Richards from The Bagel Box, Lewis played a pivotal role in the Curious About Ice Cream initiative. This project pilot launched at the Portico Offices in Cambridge and empowered four students from Olive Academy, an Alternative Provision.

Lewis continued to inspire young minds during the Ultimate Work Experience at Bidwells, emphasising the importance of diverse backgrounds and inclusive growth.

“People will always need people to make life appealing and give life some meaning" - Benjamin Zephaniah. Therefore young people are my kinda people so I see it as a pleasure to be a part of their journey.

Alternative Provision programme

We are poised to launch our new Alternative Provision programme at Olive Academy in Chesterton, and are set to deliver a life-changing project with Lewis on board. Leveraging the characteristics he’s developed as a Boxing Instructor, Lewis will channel the passion and discipline from sport to resonate with, mentor, and uplift the young participants.

Join us in welcoming Lewis to the Inspire 2 Ignite CIC team, as we look forward to the waves of positive change he’s bound to instigate. Here’s to new beginnings, shared visions, and the relentless spirit of community change!

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